A New Vision for Thames Connectivity

KenEx Tram creates an historical milestone for the area, never before has Thurrock been connected to North Kent via rail.

This exciting connection will bring the services of HS1 (via Ebbsfleet International – Eurostar Services) ever closer to South Essex, without the need of travelling into London.

Thurrock enjoys healthy employment opportunities with port expansion and other Logistics hubs across the Borough, KenEx Tram brings those opportunities closer to the population of Kent, creating new prosperity without reliance on car ownership!

Enhanced Connectivity, Local Economic Growth and Quality of Life.

Route Proposal

The KenEx Tram Project can be broken down into two main corridors: –

1) The North / South link (via a new 1.2km submerged tunnel between Thurrock & North Kent)

2) The East / West link between Dartford & Gravesend

kenex tram

This ambitious river crossing will open many new exciting opportunities for communities either side of the River Thames, while overcoming congestion on the local road network. A boost to the local economy with Employment, Regional Shopping Centres, Educational facilities, Housing & Recreation.

Route Opportunities

Thames Gateway Tramlink Ltd. are investigating opportunities that may exist beyond this proposal, including: –

  • Darent Valley Hospital
  • Intu Lakeside
  • Tilbury Cruise Terminal
  • The Port of Tilbury

Infrastructure programmes bring jobs, and it’s vital the population hears about those opportunities quickly. That means advertising the new roles and apprenticeships which will be available during the construction of the Metro. To spread the benefits of a project like this, you must help local businesses bid to be part of the project. These activities help the public see the benefits long before the first trams are on the rails, and ensures local people feel they are invested in the network.
Andy Street, Mayor of West Midlands and former MD of John Lewis March 2019

The Environment & Growth

It is expected KenEx Tram will attract ~10% modal shift for local journeys, addressing one third of the 30% ‘local’ users of the Dartford crossing. Thus contributing to air quality improvements for the area.

thames estuary metropolitan area

KenEx Tram sits in the heart of the Thames Estuary Metropolitan Area

The routes provided by KenEx Tram sit within the heart of major development areas of South Essex and North Kent.  Ebbsfleet Garden City, alone, is expected to grow the population of North Kent c.40k in the coming years. 

KenEx Tram has the capacity and scalability to accommodate future development, without adding further environmental burden or congestion to the local road network.

Intu Lakeside continues to evolve with a new £95 million Nickelodeon leisure development. Creating 225,000 sq ft of cafes, restaurants and new leisure activities to attract higher footfall.

The Lakeside basin has a number of residential developments, including the first phase from Bellway Homes called Renovo.

The Future

As you can see KenEx Tram is set within the heart of a regeneration area – Thames Estuary 2050. KenEx is offering an alternative future proof way of connectivity, scaleable to meet demand without impacting the environment or adding further congestion to local roads. Adding value, offering resilience and diversity to existing rail infrastructure on either side of the river Thames.

Your Input

While actual construction designs and site details are not due for some time yet, right now your feedback can help evolve our concepts to better cater for your needs.

If you can spare a few moments, why not complete our survey so we can better understand your needs!