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ITV News Meridian

James Dunham On Screen Journalist for ITV News (Meridian) discusses the ambitions of KenEx Tram with Gordon Pratt (Managing Director) & Simon Johnson (Business Development and Construction Director) of Thames Gateway Tramlink.

Following successful creation of the Thames Freeport, this project alone will generate a large number of jobs in the region. We understand that in North Kent car ownership and employment is lower than that of South Essex & Thurrock – KenEx Tram opens up such employment opportunities without increasing car use or adding further congestion to an already saturated road network.

The Thames Estuary Production corridor will also benefit greatly by rail connectivity, many of the creative hubs are situated either side of the Thames. The production corridor stretches from London to the coastlines of Essex and Kent to Southend on the north bank. It includes seven east London Boroughs and with new film studios in Purfleet-on-Thames. KenEx Tram would offer a light rail crossing solution to many of these destinations.

In a bid to level up opportunities across the region KenEx Tram would give affordable access to employment on opposite sides of the River without adding additional pressure to the already stressed Dartford Crossing or road network.

Congestion is a big part of everyday life for people of North Kent & South Essex. Often congestion spills over into many local roads causing poor air quality and increased journey times.

KenEx Tram would enable reliable journey times across the river, avoiding congested local roads and provide connectivity to Kent’s FastTrack Bus Network, High Speed Rail from Ebbsfleet International, including the C2C service in Essex.

The KenEx project is about enhancing connectivity in the region, bringing resilience to existing modes of public transport crossing the river.

Feel free to watch the news reel item as featured on ITV Evening News (Meridian) 26th April 2022.

Link to news item – ITV News (Meridian)

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