Thames Gateway Tramlink Ltd.

Sustainable Public Transport in The Thames Gateway


Thames Gateway Tramlink Ltd. is a forward thinking public transport consultancy located at East London's Centre for Engineering and Manufacturing Excellence (CEME).

Our Aim

Is to provide sustainable public transport solutions for growing communities - connecting people to useful places without reliance of privately owned vehicles. We fully support the UK Government target to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050 - KenEx is just one of many urban Tram projects tackling pollution.

KenEx Tram

Is a tram proposal that connects Dartford, Gravesend, Ebbsfleet International and Grays with sustainable transport infrastructure, creating an integrated and enhanced local economy, never enjoyed before by communities either side of the Thames.

Why A Tram?
Many countries have now seen the need for efficient and sustainable methods of transport that is both cost-effective and kind to the environment. Quality of life and good health are seen as highly desirable. As a result, we have seen cities around the world introduce and enforce traffic restrictions to attempt to reduce the levels of road traffic and the resulting harmful and damaging air pollution.

Trams are a cost-effective and sustainable solution to the problem, so it should come as no surprise that around 20 new tram systems around the world are due to open in 2019 alone with many further systems being extended or enhanced.

The area around the congested Dartford Crossing is particularly affected by some of the highest levels of pollution in the UK, resulting in local health and quality of life being compromised.

Key Benefits

Congestion Busting - Removes traffic from the (A282) Dartford Crossing and local roads.

Environment - Contributes to improving air quality as a result of transfer from road to tram.

Community - Fast, Clean & Affordable transport for local communities.

Employment - New job opportunities between Essex / Kent, without the need to use a car.

Cost - Estimated at £600M (10% of the Lower Thames Crossing Project) KenEx is anticipated to remove 10% of local traffic from the road network.

Affordable Solutions

KenEx Tram

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